A project, dedicated to bring the non-mainstream pieces from the Turkish Rock History into light with unique art works.
Anatolian Rock history (60s&70s) in to light with unique art works.
Every week, a different illustrator/graphic designer works on a poster for a song from that era.
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Barıs Manco, was a legendery Turkish rock musician, singer, songwriter, composer, actor, television producer and show host. Beginning his musical career while attending Galatasaray High School, he was a pioneer of rock music in Turkey and one of the founders of the Anatolian rock genre. Manco composed around 200 songs and is among the best-selling and most awarded Turkish artists to date. Many of his songs were translated into a variety of languages.
The tenth track made a big hit with "Daglar Daglar", the album reached 700 thousand units in five months (1970). His work "Daglar Daglar" also earned the artist the Gold Plate Award. 
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