Dream Gigs Illustrated
Dream Gigs Illustrated is a series of gig posters by an ever growing group of artists. Imaginary gigs that never happened, missed gigs because of time and place, gigs that are experienced first hand and have left their mark... It’s up to the artist to decide. The possibilities are endless.

Bülent Gültek - David Bowie @ Eternia
When I first heard about the project, I wanted to design a poster for a gig that’s not on this world. A concert on the moon, on Mars or on some other planet. I started thinking about a gig that is free from Earth calendar or time. So I decided to work on the He-Man concept, which I always wanted to draw but never had the opportunity to work in detail. I decided to set Eternos, the capital of Eternia, as the venue. He-Man was a powerful series with its own universe that combined several concepts. I think it has been affecting my work with its colour palette recently.

For this special gig, intergalactic rock star Ziggy Stardust was the perfect name. David Bowie always pushed the limits, supported his music with other art forms and presented it within certain concepts. With Ziggy, his fame spread to outer space. I thought it would be fun to combine these two strong images to create a gig poster. Apart from that, the chemistry between Ziggy and Eternia really motivated me. He was an alien on Earth, but there… he was home.

In the designing process, I needed some information about Eternia’s history because the date had to be in accordance with the Eternian calendar. Eternia has two satellites, Bright Moon and Dark Moon. I couldn’t find any information about the calendar system but I found that, the cartoon series was taking place between 2996-2998. So I set the concert date on the 12th day of Bright Moon, year 2997. Ziggy probably played or will play this gig, in the seventies, as part of an interstellar tour of his.
Burak Beceren - Radiohead @ Basilica Cistern
At first, I was planning to go with the concept of a more surreal venue with a musician/band that’s no longer with us. Like Pink Floyd playing on the dark side of the moon or The Tea Party, joined by Jim Morrison, in the interzone (a place from William Burroughs’ Naked Lunch).

But the idea of bringing Radiohead, one of the bands that I’ve been waiting to see live for a long time, to Basilica Cistern with an acoustic set… that stroke me as a fantasy that could become real. I did my share with this poster and sent out a message to the universe. It’s up to the universe to take it seriously or not.

To the folks who are not familiar with the figures on the poster, I recommend the video for Paranoid Android.
Dilara Özden - Grimes @ Kilburn High Road St.
I love Grimes because she’s courageous and authentic. I love her not only for her music, but also for she makes her own videos, album covers and costumes. She creates her own universe and draws the listener into it. I never had the chance to see her live but I dreamed about going to her gig one day and getting sucked into her multicolored, polyphonic and chaotic world. This had to be in an underground station with cables, sewer pipes, crowds, congestion and chaos instead of a glittering stage. That makes her even bolder for me. I hope you can imagine her like that as well.
Ozan Aktuna - Melvins @ CRR
Although I’m not mad about Melvins‘ other albums or that genre in particular, I really like Houdini. I tried to keep the band’s humorous attitude and Americana mood while I designed the poster. Instead of an open air festival with 50 other bands, I wanted to see them in a one-off indoor gig at CRR, sitting down and with a setlist dedicated to Houdini alone. Maybe one day this dream can come true, who knows.
Ekmel Ayar - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ Said Al-Mishal Cultural Center (Gaza)
“I think the cultural boycott of Israel is cowardly and shameful. In fact, this is partly the reason I am playing Israel – not as support for any particular political entity but as a principled stand against those who wish to bully, shame and silence musicians.”

This was Nick Cave’s reply when he was called for boycott before his 2017 Israel gig. I felt a strong bond with his music and admired him for his stance against injustice. I found his unwillingness to shadow his art with social responsibilities confusing. For me, performing in Israel was just as a political decision as not performing there.

A year later, I had the chance to see him live for the first time in Istanbul, where I live. The show was an amazing experience that had a huge impact on me for months. A couple weeks later, I read that Said Al-Mishal (one of the biggest remaining cultural centers of Gaza) was bombed to ruins by Israeli army. As I was still under the spell of his Istanbul concert, this reminded me of Nick Cave’s words about those who silenced musicians. Apart from the inexpressible massacre and injustice that has been taking place in Gaza for years, there was also a cultural destruction.

It’s a fact that many different communities in different parts of the world have been suffering from continuous, systematic cultural genocide year in and year out. This cultural genocide is carried out in silence and subtlety against Aborigens in Australia, Nick Cave’s hometown. As for Gaza, it is carried out with violence and blood against Palestinians. Under the reign of universal apathy, every day musicians are silenced, pianos get smashed, cultural venues are destroyed, artists are killed or suppressed.

Thinking about all these, I found myself dreaming about this gig that would complete Nick Cave’s words. I wanted him to perform at this auditorium, on August 9th 2018, the same day it was destroyed, against everyone who silences musicians and art… and I made this poster.
Selin Çınar - DJ Rashad @ Boiler Room Istanbul
I find DJ Rashad’s music and production abilities very unique. He revolutionized the scene in Chicago. I would really love to see him on Boiler Room if he was alive. I clearly remember the first time I heard his songs. I thought they were very different and got really excited. Generally, I love the dance rhythms and the colour of his music.
Selin Birben - Sting @ Kuruçeşme Arena
Sting was one of the most inspirational figures for me, when I first started music. I’ve always wanted to watch him live but I never caught one of his gigs. Then one day my mother told me that she and my father took me to a Sting concert in 2006. So I wanted to design a poster for that gig, for the concert that I’ve been to but don’t remember. The tea cup on the poster comes from the classical English tea sets.
Kübra Su Yıldırım - Tinariwen @ ÂLEM-İ MİSAL
They blend blues, rock and folk music and serve their art in a tea cup. It’s like they hold the past and the future in their hands and salute them in the present. Their rebellious fire, their persistence of self-seeking, their will to exist even in the toughest conditions got under my skin.

I hear mystical tones in their music, I see references to ayahuasca in their videos, I think they belong not only to this world but also to some unknown place. Holding on to this interpretation, I got the idea that they should be in another dimension. I dreamed of a gig in a dimension called “Âlem-i Misal” which serves as a bridge among the material and spiritual world. A concert that has started at an unknown moment and that will continue forever. I would really love to attend this gig; by way of sipping from the tea cup, falling out of a trance with booms and bangs or through an unknown kind of journey.
Büşra Üzgün - Everyone Dies @ Anywhere
At first I thought of designing a poster for a festival in memoriam of me. Like there is a festival after my death and everyone is having a wild time after me. Because of my surname which means “Sad” in Turkish, the attendees are wearing t-shirts with my sad face logo on them. 

After tackling a bit with this idea, I felt alienated from it. Instead, I designed a poster for a festival which has musicians who passed away in the line up. This event takes place in an unknown time and venue. You can go nuts and have fun like there’s no tomorrow or you can be the frontman of a well known rock band… yet, “everyone dies”. 

But still, don’t be sad about this poster, just laugh off. With love.
Burak Şentürk - David Bowie @ Şanzelize Cafe
Since I was a child, I have been obsessed with building a bridge between reality and my heroes who helped me with my progress and who still accompany me in my life. When I was under the influence of American movies, for many years I waited for a background music to emphasize the important moments of life. Until the invention of Walkman. God bless you Sony.

This piece here, is an illustration of David Bowie, who is one of the most interesting and avant-garde figures I’ve ever seen, imagined in a counter-existence in Turkey’s reality, in a parallel universe. In this context, I’ll accept all lynching attempts from Bowie fans :)
Sercan Tunalı - Sigur Rós @ Mount Ida
I came across Sigur Rós on a program years ago. The video was called Vaka/ Untitled 1 Live. I was mesmerized  and I remember watching it over and over. When I listened to their other songs, I felt like I was migrating to Iceland. I even made an animation video for one of their songs. I had strong feelings about that state of mind. Years later a quote of a band member described my feelings in the best possible way: “It’s kind of a safe haven for us, Iceland. We are left on our own here.”

The documentary called “Heima” tells about the band really well. The word “Heima” means “home” in Icelandic. Sigur Rós do not take us away from our homes, they make us travel with our homes beside us. So we never yearn for the past with the feeling of “another place”. The possibility of feeling both as a newcomer and close to home, hides in the mystic and epic themes of this music. May it be always near us, like a bedside book that smells good.

Burak Tozkoparan - Benjamin Clementine @ The Atlantic Ocean
Between crowded thoughts of whose poster to draw, it wasn’t very hard for me to decide on Benjamin Clementine, who massively inspired me lately. That decision was easy but where will the concert take place? Dinner at my place? Should he come to the agency on happy hour? Then I decided it should be in a utopian environment.

Last week I went diving for the first time in my life. It wasn’t easy to overcome the fear but what I felt afterwards was completely different. The feeling after diving, blew away the stress that I felt earlier. That feeling was similar to what I felt listening to Benjamin. I said “That’s it!” Listening to Condolence underwater… I could blend these two. But music, underwater? What do I know, is that the only problem? I just draw!
Pınar Ulus - Nina Simone & Thievery Corporation @ Butterfly Valley
Now that we’re in summer, I couldn’t help but daydream. If Thievery Corporation and “Mama Afrika” Nina Simone were to play in my favorite place in Turkey, in Butterfly Valley’s amazing nature, I would promise to dance all the way, be very careful about keeping the beach clean and have white chickpeas with red wine.
Yaren Yavuz - The Knife @ Anahit Sahne
The moment I heard about the project, I knew I could only choose The Knife. Not just because I’m obsessed with their music and it gives me a constant desire to produce but also because they’re the band that directed me to making music for the first time. They have always been very important to me.

That’s why I wanted to illustrate the effect that they have on me. I pictured the band as this enormous, modern Kybele who draws the listeners to her and lures them. Strong and with no boundaries, never refraining from saying something new. I wish I could meet them someday and find courage to share my music with loved ones.
Emrah Tümer - Daft Punk @ Tatooine
One of the first ideas that came to my mind upon hearing about the project was to make a poster for Daft Punk. From the 90’s on, they left a big impression on people with their music and costumes. I wanted to combine these unique musicians who look like they’re from another planet with another part of popular culture that’s been influencing people since 1977: Star Wars. (Of course I’m saying this based on the old series)

Thinking about the universal and unifying character of music, I thought why not go for a Galactic Festival? I imagined Stormtroopers, Ewoks, Wookies, even Darth Vader losing themselves to the beat and having a blast at Daft Punk’s Tatooine gig. I tried to carry this to the poster. 

Please be our guest at the Galactic Festival in Tatooine. Signed: Emperor Palpatine
Erdem Yıldız - The Prodigy @ Hell
I remember watching the Firestarter video on MTV for the first time. It was the scariest video of my childhood. They were really making unique, dark, entertaining music that touched the deepest feelings. Now when I listen to their songs again, they take me back to my childhood and refresh my life energy. A band that pulls me round even in my most tired state, that calms me down if I’m angry, makes me happier if I’m happy.

The atmosphere in their concerts has always reminded me of hell. So I thought a concert in hell would fit such an energetic band. Keith Flint was a singer who proved that singing is related to the soul as it is to the tone. Thanks for the beautiful energy!
Tunç Eren - Jethro Tull @ Istanbul Arena
As far as I recall, Jethro Tull‘s Istanbul Arena gig on 06.06.08 was the first concert that I bought a ticket thinking “Wow, I should see this”. The concert was seated and our seats were at the back of the venue. In the middle of the set, it started raining and people stood up and took off. We moved to the front seats and watched the rest of the concert close to the stage, intimately, standing up and dancing.
Dilem Serbest - Blur @ Breakfast Table
I chose Blur, because they are one of the bands that influenced me the most. Nourished by the absurd origins of British humor, they have a tremendous energy containing full contrast of the 90s. They are more than just a nostalgic band for me. 

Blur members always reminded me of breakfast objects and food. I think that’s why I imagined a giant breakfast table and miniature Blur members with their pajamas playing a special concert to someone as in this illustration.

Every time I listen to “Parklife”, I can’t help but laugh at “I feed the pigeons, I sometimes feed the sparrows too” part. And I’m using that sentence as a proverb. Thanks for that Blur!
Hande Koçhan - Florence + The Machine @ Crystal Palace
When I first saw the project, I thought about all the bands that I wanted to see live and made a list. Meanwhile, a lot of ideas popped up. I chose Florence + the Machine, which had a different place for me. The main reason that I chose Florence is that she and her music always reminded me of spring. As date, I picked my favorite month, April. And the perfect place for her fairy tale atmosphere would be nowhere else but Crystal Palace.
Volkan Aydemir - Roger Waters “The Wall” @ Gezi Parkı
Roger Waters‘ The Wall Istanbul show was an exceptional day where a major historical/political event met with a major musical event. I was mesmerized. This was the first idea that came to my mind when I heard about Dream Gigs Illustrated. This was all I could think. I still wonder if this gig can become real.
Dilruba Karalp - Depeche Mode @ Küçükçiftlik Park
I ran into these crazy boys by chance. In a typical high school trip, me and my friend were sharing headphones, tasting our exciting, new found musical gems in an attempt to add a little travel melancholia to the day. Next track was Mike Shinoda’s (Linkin Park) “Enjoy the Silence” remix. I remember it blew my mind.
Shortly afterwards, in a random tv zapping, I stopped at Mtv and what I saw amazed me. It was Marilyn Manson’s “Personal Jesus” video. Even though it was not my favorite kind of music, I thought “This strange kid finally made it and created a masterpiece”. When I found out that it was a cover, I met my new obsession, my ultimate passion that would heal our depressed souls: Depeche Mode.

I nearly changed my university applications in the hopes that they could come to Istanbul. The gig that we’ve waited for patiently, eagerly and with great motivation for years, was cancelled due to a series of mishaps and we had to kiss our big dream goodbye.

To fill this hopeless void, I imagine the band in a cab filled with the most kitsch objects, on their way to a gig that is free of “logistic” problems. The go-getter cab driver is sure to get them there on time.
Somon - MF DOOM @ CERN
MF DOOM‘s absurd and abstract lyrics were just my kind of madness. His “mad villain” alter ego that would destroy hip hop’s rules drew me to him. As I listened to his music, I felt like I’ve known him like family. I laugh at some of his lyrics like I’m laughing at an inside joke. He’s a smart, pessimistic but reckless and funny character with a tragic back story. MF DOOM is like the embodiment of comic book aesthetic, East Coast style and the dark absurdism of existentialism (my favorite three things).

DOOM playing at a top notch laboratory was a concept that I had in mind for years. CERN is the most significant nuclear research lab in the world. This is where the god particle is reproduced. In the right hands, it can produce great advances for humankind. But in the wrong hands, it can end the world. I believe it’s a good day for doomsday.
Neslihan Kaya - Barış Manço @ Augsburg
When I lived in Turkey, I found the homesickness of people who lived abroad a little exaggerated. I thought they could come back when they wanted. Now that I’ve been sharing this homesickness as an expat, I’m thinking why wouldn’t there be a Barış Manço gig in Augsburg? His music has been the soundtrack for my existential delusions. This would be just the right time because I really missed my home.

“Tek bir soru, hemşerim memleket nire?”
Sinem Arda - Duke Ellington @ The “A” Train
I can talk forever about the movies and tv series that I love, I even make a selection by doing some artwork about them. But it didn’t occur to me to do the exact thing with the music I listen to, especially as a gig poster. That’s why I got so excited when I saw the Dream Gigs Illustrated project. I really loved the idea and I chose Duke Ellington.

I got to meet the music of dear “Duke” thanks to the book called “Froth on the Daydream” which I’m currently rereading. I don’t know exactly when I read it, but Boris Vian, a man with a very odd mind, seems to have written the whole book through the music of Duke Ellington. If you ignore one of the pieces that the author skillfully placed in the story, another one might come up after a few pages. And I wasn’t late to follow the playlist the author chose for us and as soon as I listened to it, I understood why he loved him so much, why he constantly played “Chloe” in the background of his fiction. I chose the concert year from a famous concert recording.  The day and the month is from my birthday because why not (Zoidberg)? I drew the poster and now all there’s left to do is to imagine how wonderful it would be to listen to him live.
Merve Yiğit - Queen @ Riviera Maya / Mexico
Queen came into my life in high school and my bond with them got stronger in college. They make me feel even the songs that I don’t understand the lyrics. I associated them with Mexico, which appeals to me with its food, culture and nature. Because I love vintage, 70’s and 80’s, I imagined a concert in that era. I wish this gig could come to life and I could see Freddie, the man that I admire, that I try to imitate while watching his performances, from the front row.
Berkay Dağlar - Rage Against The Machine @ Akkuyu NPPP
I chose Rage Against the Machine not just because I still love their music but because they are the perfect match for the issue that I want to draw attention to. This could be the best gig against the nuclear power plant in Akkuyu, Mersin. April 26th is the anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. I don’t know which worries me the most; the possibility of a nuclear disaster in my country where negligence is a serious problem or that this gig is just a dream.

Efe Karadağlı - Acid House Kings @ Troposphere
It’s been almost 10 years since I first heard of Acid House Kings’ music and they have become the soundtrack of my life ever since. I have always dreamed about watching them live and thanks to this project, I can dream about my dream. 

They have these shiny and bright melodies in their songs so I imagined a concert at the troposphere layer of atmosphere, where the clouds and birds are actually located. I bet it would be great to watch sunrise and sunshine on this layer and I can’t imagine any other music but Acid House Kings’ for this scene.

It’s been 8 years since they released their last album and it’s unclear when the next one will come so I added an uncertain concert date, referring to one of their lyrics. I hope they will continue to create great music and whether it’s in the sky or on earth, I can watch them live one day.

Doğa Can Ertürk - Andrew Bird @ Cennet Sinkhole
It took me some time to decide on the poster. Instead of designing for big names that I’m a fan of or masters who have passed away, I chose someone that I’ve been listening to a lot lately: Andrew Bird. I knew many of his songs by heart even before I realized they belonged to him. He amazes me with his whistle and violin.

In Turkey, we get to see many stars but to see a quasi-local artist like Andrew Bird, who doesn’t travel outside of North America much, in a magical place of the city where I grew up; that’s a dream to be psyched about. It’s a tough journey to Cennet but it’s really worth dreaming of listening to Roma Fade beside the ruins of the old church, built at the edge of the cenote.
Simay Bahçıvan - A Tribe Called Quest @ The Grand Bazaar
As a hip hop fan, the first band I thought of and chose without hesitation is A Tribe Called Quest.

Considering the diversity in their songs, their Afrocentric and ethnic style, I thought the venue must have an atmosphere that could mix well with the music. It would be great to see them in a place with a good aural landscape, like The Grand Bazaar.
Aytaç Öztürk - Nipsey Hussle @ Slauson Avenue
Nipsey Hussle was an artist who inspired me and gave attitude to my drawing style. He became famous and rich but he didn’t leave Slauson Avenue, where he grew up. 

He struggled to make that neighborhood a better place. For someone who is considered the leader of his territory, being shot and murdered in his own store is ironic. 

This poster is a tribute to him.

Yağız Eyiişleyen - Converge @ Roadburn Festival
The moment I saw the project, I decided to design a poster for Converge’s “Jane Live” gig at 2016 Roadburn Festival. The main reason of my decision is the inspiration Converge has been giving me since my childhood. Frontman Jacob Bannon’s personal statements and design works inspired me greatly in my own designer life. The 2013 documentary “Rungs in a Ladder” made me see once more how precious and unique Converge was.

Going back to why I chose “Jane Live”, it’s the perfect rendition of one of my favorite Converge albums, Jane Doe, in its entirety.
Berna Kılıçoğlu - Opa Tsupa @ Sulukule
“They reminded me of The Grapes of Wrath. The Grapes of Wrath indeed! You destroy people’s homes, they don’t know what to do. Some of them are jailed. When they get out, they see that their neighborhood has disappeared.” Tony Gatlif, 2008, Istanbul.

We are in Sulukule, on the migratory path of gypsies. In my dream, Roman filmmaker Tony Gatlif organizes a Hidrellez festival in “twothousandeight”. The last Hidrellez. And the gypsy jazz band he introduced me in the country side; Opa Tsupa!

“To care more about what happens to people.”
Let’s dance!
Aksel Ceylan - The Beatles & Pink Floyd & Queen @ Living Room
When I closed my eyes and thought about “my dream gig”, I thought about all my favourite bands and tried to choose the ones for whom I would do anything to see live. The indisputable result was The Beatles, Pink Floyd and Queen. First, I was just going to pick one and draw but I really couldn’t. I felt that it had to be a festival with all three of them -and in their prime-. Then I said “Why settle for a festival when I can have a private gig in my living room for my birthday? It’s a dream anyway!”

It was a bit tiring to draw them all but I think this turned out to be a poster that I can look at and say “I dreamed one hell of a dream” until I get old and die. If positive thinking really works, I’m expecting one of these people in the poster to knock my door on my birthday with his guitar or something. If we believe, it will happen.
Ece Haskan - Polo & Pan @ 18:45 Karaköy Ferry
When I first heard about the project, I thought how awesome a gig in the ferry would be. We’re always listening to music while on the ferry anyway. If I were to organize a concert at the heart of Istanbul, I’d like to listen to an artist who would make everybody happy. So, I thought of Polo & Pan’s 18:45 Karaköy Ferry gig. I imagined a trip with the audience returning from work or school at sunset, having some beer or a cup of tea at the back of the ferry, listening to music and feeling happy.
Hazal Hıdır - Aphex Twin @ Gebze Cement Plant
Richard James aka Aphex Twin, who is going between insanity and genius, won my heart with his first album “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” even though I discovered it much later than it was first released. This man who expresses himself in an experimental way by combining his unique visual world with his live performances and video clips has become one of my favourite musicians like most people.

He still releases perfect albums that do not allow us to say words like “I miss the old Aphex Twin.”  I hope, he will perform in Istanbul one day.
Carilla Karahan - Tame Impala @ Zorlu PSM Studio
I first discovered Tame Impala with the amazing video animation of “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards”. I remember getting hooked on it and listening to it again and again. Then I listened to their whole discography, previous songs and albums. It was trippy, hypnotizing and it blew my mind and I got addicted to them for a while. From this point of view, I tried to express and illustrate my feelings on this poster. The LSD on the tongue resembling vinyl, guides you to the parallel universe painted in psychedelic colors with its music.

Wishing to see this band which has never come to Turkey, I imagined them playing at Zorlu PSM Studio with its powerful sound system and interesting stage design. I hope it will come true someday.
Can Rogge - Wu-Tang Clan @ Living Room
I don’t need to talk about how big or important Wu-Tang Clan is for hip-hop history. But the main reason I chose them for my concert poster was their show at Tiny Desk. I would’ve really liked seeing such a big band in my dream living room, with all my friends in a sincere, positive and warm environment instead of a big arena. It would be like a dream for me, especially a performance where they played Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in its entirety, the album that introduced me to them.

I hope I get the chance to see them live one day, Wu-Tang is for the children!
Dilara Akbal - Mac Miller @ Basilica Cistern
Mac Miller was playing in the background when I saw the project for the first time and he was the right choice. The artist who passed previous September made me dance with his energetic songs. His colorful character and videos made him the right choice for my colorful world too. 

As I was wondering how I could reflect Mac Miller’s colorful and dynamic songs in my work, I found myself thinking about Mac Miller playing to the dead and making them go crazy in the realm of the dead. I liked that idea. Then I started searching for a venue that would bring together Mac Miller, the dead and us. I thought about many places but the most suitable one for me was Yerebatan Cistern. Having read about people getting lost here, I decided to design it as a place of passage. I think a dead Mac Miller gig would rock the place.
Selin Arısoy - Mastodon @ Yedikule Dungeons
Although I’ve been to a Mastodon concert before, I’ve never been to Yedikule Dungeons. As an outsider (I’m from Ankara) I’ve always heard of Yedikule; think about it, you are going to a concert in an actual dungeon, sounds cool right? I still regret not going to the Deftones gig there.

So when I started drawing, I wished that Mastodon would play at Yedikule Dungeons. The idea of flashy colored dungeon comes from this curiosity.
Çağlar Bıyıkoğlu - Divinity Roxx & Nik West @ Süreyya Opera House
Hi. I created a gig which includes two of my favourite bassists. 
These two beautiful black women will play music together live!
It would be very fun to witness it.

Zeliha Aksoylar - Aphex Twin @ Sarıkaya Cave
When I heard about the project I immediately thought of Aphex Twin. I got excited both for the project and the artist. Aphex Twin held a special place in my heart and I decided to express this. Starting out from Selected Ambient Works, I thought why not have an Aphex gig at selected venues? And I imagined him playing in the famous caves of Eskişehir, where I live. These organic venues would do justice to the atmosphere of his tracks.

About Aphex’s special place for me; he was with me all the time. I find myself lucky because I have Aphex’s conception of music accompanying me in my spiritual journey. In this poster I created a color scale based on his ’95 concert with Bjork (the year I was born). I tried to express his mind in my own way. Thank you Richard for helping me see the world from different perspectives.

Eray Gakçı - Florence + The Machine @ Ancient Ephesus City
Florence + The Machine at Ancient Ephesus City was the first idea that came up when I first heard about the project. The band and of course Florence herself always manages to radiate a dreamy, mystical vibe when they start playing. I think it would be amazing to see a concert that takes place in an ancient place like this, surrounded by the forest, starting from dusk until dawn.

This kind of setting reminds me of the magical festivals that were held for Dionysus back in the Ancient Greece where the satyrs and fairies would join in. As I was working on the poster I saw that they actually gave a concert at Odeon of Herodes Atticus in Greece recently. So this 'dream gig' was almost accomplished!”

Selva Kaya - Tarkan @ Ladies Room
When I started the project, I thought the brainstorming process was going to be easy. After a couple of ideas that didn't fit my style, I finally set my mind on Tarkan who had been in most of my memories. The Megastar, whose cassettes I listened to in primary school, whose distant sound from concerts kept me entertained, whose songs made me cry and made me dance from time to time.

I dreamt of a Megastar concert in a ladies' bathroom, starting after the simple question of ‘I'm going to the bathroom, anyone coming?’ asked to the best friends during a boring meet-up.

Elif Öner - Zeki Müren @ Disneyland 
I first heard of Zeki Müren thanks to my grandma. We had his cassettes, my childhood was filled with them. Since I was born in 1999, I couldn’t remember his TV shows, his concerts or his famous ‘New Year’s Special’ clearly. While skimming through my mom’s teen magazines, I saw a mesmerizing photo of our Zeki Müren. He was posing in his cape, platform boots and feathered costume; eyeing the camera with mischievous eyes. When I learned more about him, I found his nice way of talking very sincere and candid. Thinking about today’s Turkey, the lack of sincere people like him in show business makes me sad.

I dreamed that Zeki Müren came back to life in today’s show business and played at Disney Castle alongside his beloved Mickeys. For this poster, I got inspired from his picture with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland. The date is his 88th birthday. 

I hope we’ll reach a time where prejudices are destroyed, there is no more hate, everyone is having a laugh and there are more like Zeki Müren soon.

Bilal Geliç - Guru @ Mimar Sinan Open-Air Theatre
It should be 2008, I was introduced to GURU with Gang Starr’s album ‘Moment Of Truth’. His cool flow into DJ Premier’s brilliant beats and his character that didn’t fit this vicious music genre impressed me. Between 1993 and 95 he became a pioneer who combined jazz and rap in his solo albums Jazzmatazz Vol. 1 and 2. He died a few years after I discovered him. It would be nice to have a launch gig of this genius musician whom others made songs about.

When big names come only to Istanbul and other big cities, it hurts those who live outside the circle. So I enjoyed the idea of hosting him in my hometown. I remember him with love and respect. Rest in peace.

Vardal Caniş Su - Cher, Ezhel & Ferdi Tayfur @ Gülhane Park
Gülhane Park Concerts ended in the 90’s. They held an important place in our history though. And we keep losing valuable venues like Rumeli Hisarı Open Air Theater. So, if I should think of a concert, it should be at Gülhane and Ferdi Tayfur should be part of it after his legendary ’88 gig there.

We don’t need a time machine to travel in time. When I’m creating the future today, I want to see the two big names of autotune, Cher and Ezhel, accompanying Ferdi Baba with his naturally autotuned voice at Gülhane. Maybe I’m late for Cher and Ferdi Tayfur but it’s still possible for Ezhel. After all, I want to see everyone I like at Gülhane.

Murat Kalkavan - Jimi Hendrix @ The Jungle
I was thinking about illustrating a musician for a long time. Dream Gigs Illustrated facilitated it.

I met Hendrix via mixtapes I bought from Akmar Passage in my teenage years. ‘A black person who doesn’t make hip hop, hmm’ I thought. Authentic musicians like Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Hendrix have always inspired me. That’s why I really enjoyed making this poster.

I tried to place Hendrix in a jungle world to create a different atmosphere.

Stescoe Phantom - Daft Punk @ Unknown Realms Of Death
I think the ultimate satisfaction in life comes from dreaming, pursuing your dreams and creating yourself; and if you can do it in a unique way, can there be any bigger happiness than that?

It’s a fact that Daft Punk is among the lucky minority who is capable of doing this and I couldn’t overlook an icon like that. Well then, where would they play? I wanted to make a reference to LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Daft Punk Is Playing at My House’ and chose a house. This house had to welcome everyone and be the place where everyone would go in the end. So this time Daft Punk should play at the beginning of the end, where conscience no longer reigns, in the unknown realms of death.

Doruk Akı - Omnia @ Any Local Wood You Can Meditate

Think of a concert; to attend you just need to be in a place that has a garden, soil etc. and chill. You lean on a tree and rest, when you manage to empty your mind, you hear the music. The audience is connected to the event from all around the world but they share the same perception. You follow the songs, the feelings with a spiritual bond. I thought the most suitable band for a ritualistic event like this would be Omnia.
Ece Horasanlı - Genesis @ Wembley
I have Genesis at my imaginary concert because their perspective is both funny and political. What I love about Genesis is their absurd and fun videos. My favourite is Land of Confusion. The realm of dreams in the video inspired me and I thought of starting out from there while designing the poster. But then I went back to their name and drew them in space, in a cosmic way.
Selin Birben - Pixies @ Heaven
While thinking about the project, I tried to decide between Pixies and Sting. I never got tired of listening to Pixies since my teenage years. For this poster I got inspired from my favorite Pixies song, Monkey Gone to Heaven.

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